Godzilla vs. Kong Sequel Set for 2024

Godzilla vs. Kong Sequel Set for 2024

Ever since Legendary’s ‘Monsterverse’ started with Godzilla, a lot of fans thought the franchise was going to end with the clash between him and King Kong. What’s news is, we’re still getting more giant kaiju after Godzilla vs. Kong.

As per Variety, the untitled sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong is set to come out on March 15, 2024. We don’t know what the story could be about yet, but we should probably expect a return from this franchise’s version of SHIELD, Monarch, as well as either Kong or Godzilla—but this time, they’ll be teaming up.

Admittedly, it was kind of a shame that the pandemic forced Godzilla vs. Kong to be released digitally, but the movie still included exactly why fans expected of a giant monster movie franchise. If anything, the sudden inclusion of Mecha Godzilla kind of came out of nowhere, and it was pretty great to see something almost ridiculous be out to life in a Hollywood film.

Granted, there are still several Toho monsters that Legendary has yet to touch, and they could very much appear in a future Monsterverse movie. Gamera the giant turtle has been a popular choice among fans, but maybe they have other things in store. When are we going to watch Godzilla fight a giant Ultraman?? I’m pretty sure they can pull some kind of multiverse story and have them crossover with the Jaegers from Pacific Rim. You think Guillermo del Toro would be interested?

Catch the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel in theaters March 15, 2024.


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