Has the Plot for the Barbie Movie been Leaked?

Has the Plot for the Barbie Movie been Leaked?

Curiosity about the Barbie movie has been growing ever since set photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling have come out, but Mattel is yet to give us the official synopsis for the film. Even if that is the case, we may have gotten the description leaked online.

This was posted by @JustinWhang on Twitter:


Take not, nothing official has been revealed yet, but it does go in line with a lot of rumors about the film like Will Ferrell being the CEO of Mattel and that there are multiple versions of Barbie and Ken. I guess my speculation falls apart when I guessed that Barbie and Ken had no idea about the other versions of themselves—here it looks like they’ve been aware this whole time, and it will be the real world they won’t know about.

I’ll admit, it does sound like a fun premise for a kids’ movie, and it has that meta-element to its story that’s kind of akin to Disney’s Enchanted which was a love letter of sorts to the classic Disney princesses. Even if she isn’t real, Barbie is still an icon, and I’m very curious what direction Greta Gerwig wants to take the film—especially since Barbie has recently been critiqued for her promotion of unhealthy body standards. There’s even some groups that say that Barbie should have nipples. #FreeTheNipple, am I right?

Barbie comes to the big screen on July 21, 2023.


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