‘The Flash’ Extended Trailer Introduces Kid Flash

‘The Flash’ Extended Trailer Introduces Kid Flash

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With less than two weeks to go before the Season 3 premiere, The Flash has received an extended trailer. It’s roughly one minute long, and shows some footage we’ve already seen. However, there’s plenty of new scenes to behold as well. One new bit of footage in the clip shows Barry naming Wally West Kid Flash. Other scenes feature Caitlin Snow, and another look at the Reverse Flash locked away. Check out the new trailer below.

[youtube id=”Dzq5H2qAyh8″]

Seeing more of Kid Flash is awesome, but the trailer’s highlight is in its teasing how Barry struggles with the after effects of changing the timeline. The Reverse Flash tells Barry memories of his old life are beginning to fade away. Pretty soon, he won’t even remember he’s The Flash. It’ll be interesting to see how Barry responds to the adverse side effects. When the trailer opens, he says that because this new reality has a hero Speedster, him donning the suit may not be necessary. Of course, those thoughts won’t stick around for too long. He does have a penchant for saving lives.

As mentioned earlier, we also get a glimpse of this timeline’s Caitlin Snow. However, her appearance isn’t under the best circumstances, as Barry kidnaps her. But it’s fine… she’s a scientist in this reality too, and they’ll need her. Surely, she’s as forgiving as the original Dr. Snow. Barry is likely bringing her along, against her will, because they are trying to restore the past. Although, if Cisco is a selfish billionaire now, who’s to say she too hasn’t developed a dark side? There has been apparent teases of Killer Frost’s return, could we see hints of that early on?

All of our burning questions will be answered soon enough. The Flash Season 3 premieres Tuesday, October 4.

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