Watch: The Flash Director Breaks Down Opening ‘Baby Shower’ Scene

Watch: The Flash Director Breaks Down Opening ‘Baby Shower’ Scene

Headlines may be saying that The Flash is going to lose WB Pictures a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean the film is without some very interesting setpieces.

In a video from The New York Times, director Andy Muschietti breaks down one of the opening action setpieces from the film which has The Flash (Ezra Miller) attempting to save 9 babies, a woman, and a therapy dog falling to their deaths. Watch this:

Though there are some fans online that complain that Miller’s version of Barry Allen is too overpowered when it comes to being a superhero, it was interesting that the movie emphasized that he gets weaker when he’s running on an empty stomach.

Muschietti explains, “I wanted to put his superpowers to a test… and basically explaining that even if you are the fastest man alive, you can have trouble saving different people at the same time.”

It’s hard to decipher exactly why The Flash isn’t tearing it up in theaters as expected, but personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with the quality of the movie; the story was pretty solid, and Miller actually delivers a very heartwarming performance as Barry Allen. The movie certainly has a lot more heart to it than last year’s Black Adam.

Maybe it’s the issues surrounding Miller or the fact that the film is competing with Across the Spider-Verse, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, and Pixar’s Elemental in theaters, but I think the movie will find its audience when it releases digitally.

Catch The Flash now showing in theaters.


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