The Flash Director Says ‘Weird CG’ Was Done on Purpose

The Flash Director Says ‘Weird CG’ Was Done on Purpose

The Flash comes out this week, but anyone who was able to catch the movie early has been griping about the weird Mummy Returns-esque CG that was used on several characters—specifically the cameos. As it turns out, this was the director’s intention.

Talking to io9 (via Gizmodo), Andy Muschietti confirms that the effect was supposed to put the audience in Barry’s POV. He explains:

“The idea, of course, is…we are in the perspective of the Flash… Everything is distorted in terms of lights and textures. We enter this ‘waterworld’ which is basically being in Barry’s POV. It was part of the design so if it looks a little weird to you that was intended.”

Admittedly, it does sound like an excuse to save face, but if you’ve seen the film, you’ll kind of understand that upping the CG to realistic-level visuals would have probably led to the movie coming out even further down the line. Plus, the well-celebrated ‘cameos’ of other DC heroes would have been a mixed bag of good and terrible CG.

Personally, I thought the movie was a great time. The film does present us with a very unique look at Barry’s powers, and the very core of the story with Barry trying to save his mother is heartfelt. Despite all the issues online with Ezra Miller, their portrayal of the Flash remains to be one of the most endearing characters in the DCEU.

Catch The Flash now showing in theaters.


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