Kenan and Kel Return in First Trailer for Good Burger 2

Kenan and Kel Return in First Trailer for Good Burger 2

It’s been more than 20 years since the release of Nickelodeon’s Good Burger movie, and now the sequel is coming to Paramount+, and they’ve reunited original stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.

Watch the first trailer here:

The official description for the movie reads:

Calling all dudes—buckle up, because the new adventures of Ed and Dex start now! Your favorite fast food duo is back and serving up nostalgic laughs and new antics in Good Burger 2, streaming November 22, only on Paramount+.

The first Good Burger was all about Ed and Dex going up against giant fast food chain Mondo Burger, and now it looks like the sequel is also going to be dealing with the same thing. I didn’t even expect the movie to have any kind of comment on the current entertainment landscape, but they manage to sneak in a jab about workers being replaced by AI robots.

Besides that, the film also promises a lot of the same kind of antics that the first Good Burger had. Ed (Mitchell) still manages to be the loveable idiot while Dex (Thompson) is the straight man that has to pick up the pieces behind him. They even managed to put in another dance sequence with Ed in the center of it all, but at least it’s no longer in the insane asylum.

Though Millenials are sure to have some nostalgia for Good Burger 2, I am hoping that the film manages to be enjoyable for younger audiences as well who have grown outside of the peak of slapstick, gross-out comedy that was the 2000s.

Good Burger 2 comes to Paramount+ on Nov. 22.


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