Things Switch Up in New Clip from The Marvels

Things Switch Up in New Clip from The Marvels

After Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Marvel Studios is ready to come back to cinemas with The Marvels. The film comes out next week, and we have a new clip showcasing the weird teleporting predicament that all three Marvels have gotten themselves into.

Watch this:

It’s unclear what exactly triggers the teleporting problem, but it does look like it only happens when anyone tries to use their powers. Some think that it would have something to do with Kamala’s cosmic bangle, but the question is how Photon (Teyonah Parris) manages to get herself roped into this problem.

Taking a look at the action though, the stunt work does seem to be very impressive. Not only does the switching give fans an interesting visual, but the camera work and choreography also give a new fresh look at the action; compared to recent Marvel projects which seem to be pleased with just having characters fight in a flat stage with the “Volume” in the background.

Admittedly, some fans are concerned that the movie isn’t generating enough hype. Some think it could have something do with the poor marketing they’ve had for the movie, but some also guess that the problem could stem from needing to watch two Disney+ Marvel shows in order to understand who Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau are.

Hopefully the film manages to get good word-of-mouth when it releases.

Catch The Marvels when they soar into theaters on Nov. 10.


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