Galaxy Quest Series in the Works at Paramount+

Galaxy Quest Series in the Works at Paramount+

With Star Trek having found itself rejuvenated with several shows currently running, it was only natural that one of the most beloved Trek films (that isn’t even a Trek film) should get revisited.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount+ is now developing a series for Galaxy Quest with producer Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad), who was also attached to the original film.

If you haven’t checked out Galaxy Quest yet, the film was essentially a love letter to Star Trek, and it found the cast of a cult sci-fi series (called Galaxy Quest) suddenly thrust into a real sci-fi adventure with aliens and spaceships. The film starred Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub, Sam Rockwell, and the late Alan Rickman. Here’s the trailer:

A reboot was said to have been planned way back in 2015 including the original cast, but it never got past development; it also didn’t help that Alan Rickman had passed away.

We don’t know what direction the next Galaxy Quest could go, but seeing that sci-fi franchises like Star Wars have opted for the ‘reboot/sequel’ route, I can imagine the Galaxy Quest series possibly adapting the same kind of story. Maybe they reboot the show in canon, and the cast of the original suddenly find themselves on a space adventure?

I’m hoping they come up with something surprising and unexpected, since that pitch was just something off the top of my head. Either way, I’d love for them to tackle the culture of fandom today, especially with the nature of internet fandoms and gatekeepers.

No release date has been revealed for Galaxy Quest on Paramount+.


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