Deadpool 3 Possible Plot Leak Explains Why Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is Brought Back

Deadpool 3 Possible Plot Leak Explains Why Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is Brought Back

Hugh Jackman may have hung the claws up back in 2017 with Logan, but the promise of a team-up with Ryan Reynolds just seemed too sweet that he had to come back as Wolverine for Deadpool 3. We don’t know exactly what the plot of the film is yet, or how Logan factors into this, but a rumor is going around that it will have something to do with the Time Variance Authority from Loki.

According to @MyTimeToShineH, the TVA will be rounding up the ‘Prime’ versions of heroes across the Marvel multiverse to gather them for an army against Kang. Here’s the post:

We don’t know if this is official yet, but it does line up with rumors that the movie will contain multiple versions of the same hero; one Wolverine variant is said to be played by none other than ‘short king’ Daniel Radcliffe. The film is also rumored to bring back Jennifer Garner’s Elektra and maybe someone from the Fox version of Fantastic Four.

New cast members for the film include Matthew Macfadyen (Succession) and Emma Corrin (The Crown). It’s unclear who they could be playing in the film, but Macfadyen is expected to be someone from the TVA, and some are guessing that Corrin could be Gwen Poole a.k.a. Gwenpool, a character from the comics who has the same 4th-wall-breaking ability that Wade does, except that she can use this to actually alter the story—much like what She-Hulk does in her Disney+ show.

For now, fans are just left to speculate, and with the SAG AFTRA Strike currently ongoing, we might have to wait even longer for Deadpool 3 to finally release in theaters. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Deadpool 3 is currently eyeing a release on May 3, 2024, but that could be subject to change.


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