First Look At Brie Larson In Her Captain Marvel Outfit

First Look At Brie Larson In Her Captain Marvel Outfit

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After the success of DCEU’s Wonder Woman, Marvel fans suddenly started looking at the MCU’s first female superhero film, Captain Marvel. We haven’t really been getting any good looks at the movie, but now we have the first images of Brie Larson on set and in costume.

Check it out:

A lot of fans are wondering why the suit is green instead of the traditional red and blue, and SuperBroMovies has come to explain that this is possibly a proto-suit. The green is very reminiscent of the original Captain Marvel costume, and we should expect it to change at some point in the movie.

My personal theory is that the green is supposed to be CGI’d in Post to a more cosmic-looking red and blue; something close to Ryan Reynold’s CGI-animated suit in Green Lantern, but not terrible.

If Iron Man’s suit is CGI 90 percent of the time, then wouldn’t it be visually striking that CM’s suit would be ‘completed’ with the magic of CGI? Granted, it would be a challenge for anyone wanting to cosplay the character after the movie comes out.

For now, the proto-suit seems like the more realistic guess, but I’m still holding out that Marvel has some surprises in store for Captain Marvel’s final look.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 9, 2019.


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