Fan-Cast for ‘The Inhumans’ Royal Family

Fan-Cast for ‘The Inhumans’ Royal Family


Mostly seen as the brute in the group, Gorgon serves as Black Bolt’s personal bodyguard and is also the king’s cousin. His role is usually minor, but shouldn’t be underestimated as he has also joins Medusa in diplomatic missions in the comics.


Physicality is important for this casting choice, but so is experience with green screens. Gorgon’s lower half resembles that of a bull with hooves and everything. Therefore, the actor will probably be wearing some weird looking pants. I say we pull from the DC on CW universe and bring over their Hawkman. He has the experience and muscle to pull of this role. Before you say anything I’m aware that Falk Hentschel has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before. His HYDRA role in Agents of SHIELD as Marcus Scarlotti can be overlooked by the special effects and prosthetics he would need as Gorgon.

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