Fan-Cast for ‘The Inhumans’ Royal Family

Fan-Cast for ‘The Inhumans’ Royal Family


Although I’m not extensively knowledgeable in Inhuman comic book history, I feel like most of what I’ve read shows very little comedic relief. It’s understandable as the Inhuman Royal Family is basically Game of Thrones in space (or the mountains, depending what iteration you’re reading). Not a lot of comedy there. Marvel usually doesn’t do without its lightheartedness, and I feel like Triton’s position as the water-dependent member of this team should add some levity to the dynamic.


Therefore, my pick for Triton is Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation). While the guy’s filmography revolves solely on comedy, I still believe he can pull off the more serious tones when necessary. I’m just curious if he’d be as open as Zoe Saldana is to the daily green-makeup exposure. He’d also have to be wet a lot.

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