Fan-Cast for ‘The Inhumans’ Royal Family

Fan-Cast for ‘The Inhumans’ Royal Family


Finding a queen to fan-cast for this role was hard. Medusa, once a villain, fits a very important role for the royal family; one that might be even more important than Black Bolt himself. Her present leadership role in the comics is proof of that, plus she serves as the king’s voice whenever he’s around.


This leading lady requires a commanding presence, a serious tone, and a very menacing stare to stand out in heavy amounts of hair. Fringe protagonist, Anna Torv, fits that bill. Her portrayal as Olivia carried an emotional unattachment that could be channeled into regal poise. Torv’s portrayal as Fauxlivia in the same show also shows her range when needing a more playful personality. This alternate dimension role also showed us that Anna looks great as a red-head.

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