#EZRAMILLERISINNOCENT Trends After News that the Flash could Get Cancelled

#EZRAMILLERISINNOCENT Trends After News that the Flash could Get Cancelled

It’s no mystery that The Flash star Ezra Miller had been in the middle of controversy with all the headlines going around, and recent report from THR says that WB is actually considering cancelling the release of the Flash movie altogether.

After news of that broke, though, the hashtag #EZRAMILLERISINNOCENT has started trending on Twitter, with multiple accounts showing Miller their support and claiming that a lot of the accusations against him have been proven false and taken out of context.

For now, Twitter is being flooded by posts like this:

Personally I don’t know where to stand with the issue seeing that there’s so much clashing information online, but there are still a lot of people adamant that Miller is guilty and should lose the Flash role.

For now, WB is said to be weighing three options when it comes to the Flash movie, them being:

  1. Have Miller seek professional help and eventually give an interview explaining their actions. They will then be allowed to do limited promotion for The Flash and they the movie releases as planned.
  2. Ban Miller from any promotions of the film, release The Flash, and recast the role.
  3. Cancel the movie entirely and be out $200 million

So far, test audience reactions for The Flash were said to be incredibly positive, but the situation with Miller can only be ignored for so long. I’m always up for the first option, and I hope that Miller can explain themselves; because I don’t really think he seriously hurt anyone either.

For now, The Flash is still sitting nervously on its release date of June 23, 2023.


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