The Sisterhood is Formed in First Teaser for Dune: Prophecy

The Sisterhood is Formed in First Teaser for Dune: Prophecy

With Dune: Messiah officially underway, fans will have to wait a few more years before we can see just exactly where Paul Atreides’ arc as the Lisan al Gaib is going to lead. Fortunately, HBO has found a way to give us a good Dune fix as we wait for the third film in Denis Villeneuve’s trilogy.

Here’s our first look at Dune: Prophecy, a spinoff series focusing on the formation of the Bene Gesserit and the lie that would propel Paul Atreides to power thousands of years later. Watch this:

10,000 years before the birth of Paul Atreides, before the universe knew them as the Bene Gesserit…

No doubt the biggest star in the teaser for Prophecy is Mark Strong who plays the part of Emperor Corrino, but the cast also includes the likes of Travis Fimmel, Olivia Williams, Sarah Lam, and Camilla Beeput. Chernobyl star Emily Watson is also playing the part of Valya Harkonnen—and it looks like she’s up to something devious when it comes to the plans of the sisterhood.

There are definitely a lot of interesting things when it comes to Dune, and the Bene Gesserit has always been one of the more interetsing elements—kind of like Jedi before Jedi were even a thing. They have all of these fantastical ‘powers’ but they also represent the power of religious influence on a state.

It was said that the Bene Gesserit were named after the real-life group of Catholic Jesuits who also had political motivations . You can see all that play out in another critically-acclaimed show—Shogun.

With all the hype that Dune: Part Two was able to generate, a lot of fans will be eager to check out Dune: Prophecy to help further expand the lore.

Dune: Prophecy is slated to premiere on Max this Fall.


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