Disney and Pixar Officially Announce Soul

Disney and Pixar Officially Announce Soul

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We know that Disney Pixar is going to be releasing their fantasy/comedy movie Onward next year, but they’ve just announced a second movie for 2020—Soul.

Check out the official announcement:

The movie will be directed by Pixar vet Pete Docter who had helmed Monsters Inc. and Inside Out for Pixar. We don’t really know much about the whole plot of the film, but it does come with the tagline:

“Ever wonder where your passion, your dreams, and your interests come from? What is it that makes you… YOU?”

At some point, it kind of feels like a spinoff to Inside Out. With Inside Out attempting to “explain” where people’s emotions come from, it looks like Soul will be delving into what makes people what they are. It’s pretty high-concept for something like a Pixar movie, but I guess that’s what kind of makes it so appealing. If Pixar can do anything, it’s making movies that interest adults while at the same time entertains the little kids.

With Onward coming out earlier, I would expect the promotion to be focused on that movie first, but then again, the release dates are so close, I’m expecting we should get our first look at Soul sometime before the year ends. Maybe we can get something at SDCC 2019, but maybe they’ll release something close to Frozen II in November.

For now, Pixar’s next movie is Toy Story 4, and it comes out June 21.



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