Daredevil Showrunner Signs Deal With Amazon

Daredevil Showrunner Signs Deal With Amazon

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Marvel fans were devastated when Netflix decided to cancel Daredevil last year. The series had been well received by fans and critics alike – it was hard to understand why the streaming giant would decide to axe such a popular Marvel TV series especially after a successful season 3 run.

While many continue to rally for Daredevil’s return, the series’ showrunner, Erik Oleson, has seemingly decided to move on with other projects, landing a deal with Amazon.

Speaking in an interview with Variety, the filmmaker talks about what he wants to do with his new home, saying that he’d like to continue telling stories that he loves.

“I want to tell the kind of stories that I love: stories that have great characters, thrilling concepts and epic backdrops, but are about something meaningful,” Olseon told the entertainment news outlet. “Stories which allow an audience to think and feel rewarded for watching. Amazon is a perfect home for these stories, and I’m psyched to work alongside the entire Amazon Studios team.”

While some might hope these stories might include Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, Netflix has a clause in its contract with all its Marvel TV series prohibiting characters from the show appearing in any other network until two years after its cancellation.

Two years might seem like a long wait (and it is, really), but Daredevil will most likely be able to find a home in Disney’s upcoming streaming site, Disney+, or in Hulu.

Right now, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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