Could Comcast Buy 20th Century Fox?

Could Comcast Buy 20th Century Fox?

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This might be the most epic smackdown even this year. Deadline just reported that not only Sony is interested in purchasing 20th Century Fox and 20th Century Fox Television, but also Comcast Corporation has to thrown their hat into the ring.


There aren’t many details surrounding the news at this time, but that’s three significant players in the ring and Disney might be the largest of them all. With the most to gain from such a merger, Disney could bring Marvel and X-Men back together under one roof. However, for many fans and Ryan Reynolds, that alliance could be scary for the blockbuster Deadpool franchise, which as you know has a potty mouth and is nowhere near clean enough for the Disney brand, but that’s why fans love it.

However, if Comcast were to successfully acquire the studio and it’s assets they would become the owner of another Hollywood Big Six movie studio since they already have NBC Universal. That’s a lot of power for one company to have, but with it, they could do a lot. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but what do you think? Out of all these players, who would you want to take over the Fox franchise?


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