Charlie Cox: No ‘Daredevil’ Character is Safe

Charlie Cox: No ‘Daredevil’ Character is Safe

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As The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones have demonstrated, genre shows are perfectly within their rights to stray from the source material. DC and Marvel TV series often take a different course, as well. But honoring the comics are also regarded as high priority. The sudden death of a certain someone in Daredevil Season 1 was shocking on a multitude of levels. Chief among them being the character’s history within the comics. However, surprises are what keeps fans returning for more, which is why the Netflix model works so well. In ensuring fans familiar with the lore are kept on their toes, Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox, says anything is possible. No one is safe from a potential demise.

Cox spoke about character deaths in Marvel’s Netflix universe at Wizard World in Pittsburg (via Heroic Hollywood).

“I know that as a show, they don’t try to take storylines that are already written. We want to be our own thing. One of the reasons they killed Ben Urich, which was such a great shock for me, but the reason I think they do it because the people who love the show are great fans and have read the comics and we need them to know this is not a safe place and the drama is going to affect you as well. You don’t know what’s going to happen. If we kill Ben Ulrich, what does that mean? We could do anything potentially.”

Does this extend to the rest of the Marvel TV universe? That remains to be seen, but it is most definitely possible. Now we’re left wondering what is in store for The Defenders? Whatever threat the team faces to save New York must be dire to bring everyone together. Will there be casualties? It seems likely. Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

Daredevil Season 3 begins streaming in 2018. But don’t be discouraged by the long wait — The Defenders will arrive in 2017.

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