Bumblebee Spinoff Will Only Feature Three Decepticons

Bumblebee Spinoff Will Only Feature Three Decepticons

Besides the overabundance of Transformers in the Michael Bay movies, Travis Knight’s Bumblebee film seeks to tone things down by focusing on only one Autobot. Of course, Bee still needs to have antagonists. However,this film will only feature three Decepticons for him to go against.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told Entertainment Weekly:

“[Christina Hodson] wrote a really beautiful script that really played into the emotion of the relationship of the two. So looking at the movie from that perspective, we thought, we don’t want to overwhelm one Autobot with too many Decepticons. So he has three primary antagonists.”

We’ve only seen one Decepticon in the trailer, and it looks to be Megatron’s second in command, Starscream. He sure doesn’t look like anything from the Michael Bay movies, but his design is pretty close to the original animated Transformers, complete with black head and wings on his shoulders.

We don’t know who the other Decepticons will be, but I think a good guess would be Megatron. It would be amazing if they somehow made him a gun for this film. Then again, if they’re following Michael Bay’s timeline, Megatron should be frozen in a military base somewhere.

Then again, with the Michael Bay films receiving so much flak, I would be happy if this Bumblebee film turns out to be a reboot of the franchise. Maybe they can even introduce alternate timelines in the Transformers franchise this time.

Bumblebee comes out Dec. 21.




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