Better Call Saul Final Season Premiere Announced

Better Call Saul Final Season Premiere Announced

The show may have taken a break with El Camino (and Bob Odenkirk’s heart attack), but Better Call Saul is now ready with its final season, and we have two premiere dates for the two halves.

As per a post on the official account, Better Call Saul premieres its first half this April 18:

The first half of BCS will run for seven episodes and will take a mid-season break, and it’s said that the six-episode second half will come out on July 11. We don’t really know the reason why the season has been split in two, but I suspect that there’s going to be a huge time jump. What if the second half only follows “Gene”? It would be great if we can have some more follow-ups of the world post-Breaking Bad; what happened with Mike’s granddaughter? Is there anyone willing to pick up the pieces of Los Pollos Hermanos? They probably still make great chicken.

When it comes to spinoff series, Better Call Saul has managed to exceed expectations. Besides the ability to seamlessly blend elements of drama, comedy, and crime, there is a delicate crafting of characters, so much so that even if we know what happens to Saul or Mike, we’re still biting our nails for what happens to everyone else. What happens to Nacho or Kim? How crazy is Lalo Salamanca going to be this season?

Catch Better Call Saul when the first half of season six premieres on April 18.


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