Ben Affleck Says His Favorite Batman Scenes are in The Flash

Ben Affleck Says His Favorite Batman Scenes are in The Flash

Though he was done for a while, Ben Affleck is set to reprise the role of Batman in the upcoming Flash movie, and after some very beloved entries in the DCEU, he says that his role in the film could just be his favorite time playing the Dark Knight.

Talking to the Herald Sun (via @FlashFilmNews), Affleck says, “… Maybe my favorite scenes in terms of Batman… were in the Flash… I hope they maintain the integrity of what we did because I thought it was great and really interesting.” He also confirms that his appearance on The Flash has put “a nice finish” when it comes to his experience with the character, so even if there are thousands of fans that want Batfleck back, it looks like this is him saying he’s officially done with the role.

As for his role in The Flash, we don’t have any official updates, but some speculate that it will begin with Batfleck’s death, prompting Barry to try and reverse the events—resulting in him running into Michael Keaton’s Batman. With the way Affleck is talking about the role though, I think we can expect something more substantial than him just dying in the first act.

While the Snyder fans are holding steady, it looks like WB is pushing forward with their decisions, and The Flash is expected to become a soft reset on the DCEU. Though I am hoping that the rumors aren’t true, I’m crossing my fingers that WB has a decent plan to recover pushing forward.

Affleck may be out as Batman, but he has one more appearance to make when The Flash hits theaters on Nov. 4. A new Batman rises when The Batman hit theaters on March 4.


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