Batgirl Release Allegedly Cancelled by WB

Batgirl Release Allegedly Cancelled by WB

Batgirl may have not gotten a solid release date, but fans were positive that the movie was going to release sometime within the year. With WB currently undergoing a major shift of its organization, it seems that Barbara Gordon’s solo movie won’t be coming to screens soon.

As per Deadline, WB has indefinitely shelved Batgirl, pulling it from its release date on HBO Max, with no intention to screen it on theaters either. We have no specifics as to why Batgirl was shelved, but a source told the site that the movie ‘did not fall in line with the new strategy being implemented by DC Films as well as HBO Max.’

This is certainly coming out as a huge bummer for DC fans, and everyone is now worried about other projects that are down the DC pipeline. So far, it seems that Blue Beetle is still going to be releasing, but IPs like Black Canary are considered to be in major trouble.

The shelving of Batgirl is incredibly odd, considering that the movie had already wrapped, and is in the final stages of post-production. Some speculate that the higher-ups at WB just weren’t impressed with the film at all; but others think that there could be a recalibrating to return to the Snyderverse, and Batgirl was said to take place in a timeline where Michael Keaton would be the main Batman.

It’s all just speculation for now, but fans definitely agree that the cast and crew—specifically lead Leslie Grace—has been done dirty by WB. Let’s hope they reconsider in the future.

Batgirl has no release date.


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