Better Call Saul Director Confirms Classic Character Easter Egg

Better Call Saul Director Confirms Classic Character Easter Egg

The latest episode of Better Call Saul had the biggest return in television with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprising Walt and Jesse, but there were a lot of characters mentioned in the ‘Gene’ timeline, updating us on their fate.

What’s funny is, one of the characters that Saul asks about, is Dan Wormald, the ‘Squat Cobbler’ we met in the earlier seasons.  Talking to THR, director Thomas Schnauz confirms that the ‘Dan’ that Saul asks about is the same Daniel Wormald character played by Mark Proksch. Schnauz explains:

“It was always a dream of mine to bring back Mark Proksch as Danny, to be the Danny for [Saul’s] laser tag business [Lazer Base]. So this was just my way of hinting at something. The reason I named him Daniel way back when was because I was hoping that some plot would unfold, allowing us to bring him back as the Danny of the laser tag [business], but it just didn’t work out. So this is my nod to that. It does exist in the world; we just didn’t get to see it.”

In the earlier days of BCS, Danny was a low-level drug-dealer who hired Mike to be his bodyguard during exchanges. After Danny is ripped off by Nacho, he goes to the police, which threatens to expose Mike. In a weird stroke of genius, Mike arranges for Saul to defend Danny and we get one of the greatest scenes ever put to television:

Fans are already making good guesses of where the story will end, but for now, the ride has just been non-stop thrills. Catch new episodes of Better Call Saul Mondays on AMC.


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