Ben Affleck’s Batman Film Won’t Feature Catwoman

Ben Affleck’s Batman Film Won’t Feature Catwoman

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Bat-fans have been casting the ideal big screen Catwoman for years. Now that the ideal-comic book Batman has been seen in full, his purrrfect (sorry, had to do it) on and off ally awaits a casting announcement. However, don’t expect to get news on that front anytime soon. According to one actress that really wants to portray her, Selina Kyle won’t take part in Affleck’s impending solo Bat-film.

One of the star’s of Affleck’s Live By Night, Sienna Miller, spoke with Erik Davis of Fandango. Their talk apparently landed them on the subject of the Dark Knight, when the news was outed (via Batman-News). Take a look at Davis’ tweet below:

Recent lessons tell us that not everyone who says they have insight on the film actually has insight. However, after working with the Batman himself for so long, she could know something integral. That said, if she’s right, who is in the film? Other than Deathstroke, it seems like members of the Caped Crusader’s rogues gallery keep getting rejected like Harley during a Joker temper tantrum.

Over the summer, rumors were abound that the film would be filled with Batman villains. Since some of his best known adversaries aren’t getting love, like Ra’s and Talia, we’re left scratching our heads at who’s in for the ride. Deathstroke himself is an odd choice, mostly because he’s more of a Titans foe. But his DCEU debut could spell interesting things to come. Could obscure, or lesser known, characters begin getting spotlight? Perhaps Professor Hugo Strange will pop up. Maybe someone like Wrath could work. For now, we play the wait and see game.

Until that news is unveiled, we look forward to seeing Batfleck in action come November 17, 2017 in Justice League.

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