6 Reasons to be Hyped for ‘Arrow’ Season 5

6 Reasons to be Hyped for ‘Arrow’ Season 5

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5.   Oliver’s Past Actions Will Have Consequences

Oliver Queen Arrow Season 2 episode 16
Oliver turning on the Bratva in 2.16 via The CW

Speaking of Season 1, new details revealed at a Heroes & Villains fan fest state the big bad’s introduction will be a direct result of Ollie’s past actions. In that same vein, fans should expect numerous callbacks to the show’s first year. The first year where our hero confronted his targets with an iron fist, leaving many of them dead.

Does this mean grudges from disgruntled loved ones of the deceased will pop up for vengeance? Nothing on the matter has been revealed yet, but it’s definitely possible. Hints at Cody Rhodes’ character suggests his villain could be one such disgruntled individual. He recently posted a photo of him wearing a “Destroy Queen” jacket. This has many wondering if he’s targeting Mayor Queen personally, the Green Arrow via Oliver Queen on a public platform, or the Queen family in general for their involvement with the undertaking in Season 1.

Another past decision that could potentially creep up on the hero is the unpleasant manner in which he was forced out of the Bratva. The Russian flashbacks, which will likely highlight his induction into the mafia, offer a great opportunity to bring those guys back to the fore in present day.

Also worth consideration is the possibility that whatever past action led to this season’s villain may not have yet been revealed. Again, this springs another comparison to the reveal of Slade Wilson. It was honestly so brilliant that hardly anyone would be upset if the showrunners chose to copy and paste from their own material.

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