Zack Snyder Shares Batman Screen Test on Ben Affleck’s Birthday

Zack Snyder Shares Batman Screen Test on Ben Affleck’s Birthday

Last August 15 marked Ben Affleck’s 49th birthday, and though we don’t have a look at him in costume for The Flash yet, director Zack Snyder shares a screen test of Affleck in the batsuit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Check it out (via Geek Vibes Nation):

Some believe that this is the first ever screen test of Affleck in the costume, but we have no confirmation yet. It does come with the caption, “Shot on my phone October 23, 2013 Happy Birthday Batman”.

A lot of fans are excited for Affleck’s return as Batman in The Flash, but some are worried the film is going to pull a Captain Boomerang and kill him off in the first act. With so many fans clamoring for more Batfleck, and to even ham him star in his own film, I think it would be a wasted opportunity if WB should kill him off so soon.

Not to mention the studio also has to deal with the issues surrounding Cyborg actor Ray Fisher who was said to have been removed from the Flash movie after his comments about WB head Walter Hamada. With the fans behind Fisher, fingers are crossed that WB make amends soon.

Hopefully the studio is changing their tune with the Snyderverse, otherwise, why would they have continued with Ezra Miller’s version of the Flash for this film?

We don’t have any official updates on the long-term future of the DCEU, but fans suspect The Flash is going to be a major shake-up of the established timeline(s).

Catch The Flash when it finally arrives in theaters on Nov. 04, 2022.


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