Zack Snyder Posts Proof that His Cut of Justice League Exists

Zack Snyder Posts Proof that His Cut of Justice League Exists

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Last month there was a surge of hashtags for #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, and it seems that Snyder and even the rest of the Justice League cast are now looking to WB to release the film. With all the arguments that Snyder’s cut of the movie doesn’t exist, Snyder himself has decided to post proof that he has finished the cut, and it does exist.

This was his post on Vero:

What’s more, it’s confirmed that the film has a runtime of 214 minutes. While some are arguing that this is just an assembly cut, Snyder himself has said that this is his directors cut and the assembly cut would have been 5 hours long.

When it comes to Snyder finally posting these photos, he also said it was because he “just got tired of people saying it’s not real.”

Probably one of the biggest obstacles that the Snyder cut has had to face is said to be the need for millions to finish the VFX of the film. Jason Momoa, however, has stated that Snyder has finished the cut by his own means, and all that’s probably left is for someone to distribute the film.

Though some people think a theatrical release is a long shot, a lot say that it could be better if they released this cut of Justice League on HBO Max. It would be a great draw for the streaming service, and it won’t cost WB too much in distribution.

For now, I’m honestly just speculating, but with all these hopes Snyder is putting up for the fans, there has to be something going on that could lead to the Snyder Cut being released.



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