Ripley Clashes with the Xenomorph in Alien Trailer for Dead by Daylight

Ripley Clashes with the Xenomorph in Alien Trailer for Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight may have some original monsters, but the game has slowly been going through some of cinema’s most iconic monsters. The next incoming expansion will bring Ridley Scott’s Xenomorph to the game, and we have a new trailer that not only gives us a look at the Alien, but its accompanying survivor Ellen Ripley.

Check this out:

So far, the reveal is just cinematic, so we don’t really get a breakdown of their specific skills; but based on what the Xenomorph does in the trailer, it’s possible it is going to be blind in the game—even if none of the movies have confirmed or denied what the alien can see.

We should also expect the Xenomorph to be incredibly agile, sneaking around a map to get its prey. It’s also very likely that the game will want to do something with its acid blood and ability to create face huggers that will lay eggs inside its victims.

As for Ripley in the game, she doesn’t really look like Sigourney Weaver, but she does have the rockin’ hair from the late 70s. We don’t know what kind of survivor skills Ripley can come up with, but it’s possible it could have something to do with caring for her other teammates, seeing as that was her major arc in Aliens.

Here I thought they were going to give us at least one android survivor.

Dead by Daylight: Alien launches on Aug. 29.


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