Mattel Reveals Official Doll for ‘Weird Barbie’

Mattel Reveals Official Doll for ‘Weird Barbie’

For a movie about a doll, there was surprisingly limited tie-in toys for the Barbie movie. Sure we got dolls for Barbie and Ken, but we barely got anything for other characters like Alan or even America Ferrera’s Gloria.

It looks like Mattel is going to remedy that, and they’ve officially given us a look at their official ‘Weird Barbie’ doll:

In the lore of the film, Kate McKinnon’s ‘Weird Barbie’ is supposed to represent the hand-me-down Barbies that have been roughed by years of play, with little girls cutting her hair and drawing on her face.

What’s great is, it looks like Weird Barbie has a lot of articulation, and of course, she can do the splits just like in the film.

Weird Barbie is just one of several characters that have become standouts from the film. There has been a lot of love for Michael Cera’s Alan who was based on a discontinued doll from the Barbie toyline, and the human characters didn’t get any dolls as well.

With the movie grossing more than a billion at the box office, it would make sense for Mattel to want to capitalize on the hype of the film and release some dolls that are exclusive to the film, besides the main Barbie and Ken.

For now, no sequel is being planned for Barbie, but based on what we got from director Greta Gerwig, the movie already wraps everything up in a neat pink bow. Watch out for Barbie now showing in cinemas.


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