Who is Sydney Sweeney Playing in Madame Web?

Who is Sydney Sweeney Playing in Madame Web?

It was announced last year that Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney had joined Dakota Johnson in Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff Madame Web, but fans were curious on who her character was going to be.

As confirmed by Variety, Sydney Sweeney will be playing the part of Julia Carpenter a.k.a. Spider-Woman who is now the comics’ Madame Web. When Sweeney got the part, she had said, “I was freaking out, of course… I went straight to the comic store, and I bought every comic that mentioned my character.”

In the comics, Carpenter was an agent for the Comission who became part of an experimental study that gave her powers equivalent of Spider-Man. Though she did start our as Spider-Woman, she did get other aliases including Arachne, Spider-Girl, and Spider-Lady.

For now, the dominant Spider-Women in the big screen are both Jessica Drew and Gwen Stacy from Across the Spider-Verse, but the character is yet to make their debut in live-action.

Though the Venom films did make money in the box office, all the other spinoffs like Morbius were not able to make a huge box office draw. The jury is still out for how Kraven will go, but some are still on the fence about Madame Web and what kind of direction Sony wants to take the spinoff.

Madame Web is set for a release on Feb. 14, 2024, but in the meantime, Spider-Man fans can watch out for Kraven the Hunter which is set to release on Oct. 6.


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