Westworld has been Cancelled by HBO

Westworld has been Cancelled by HBO

A lot of fans thought that the last season of Westworld was actually pretty solid, and showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have expressed their plan to wrap the whole story up with five seasons. Too bad though, because it looks like HBO isn’t interested in coming back to the realm of Delos.

THR reports that Westworld has been cancelled after four seasons. We don’t have any specifics as to why the series was cancelled, but it could have something to do with new WB head David Zaslav trying to build franchises with mass appeal. Though Westworld does have a lot of critical acclaim, it has never been able to gain the same kind of general audience appeal as Game of Thrones did.

The cancellation comes as a huge disappointment, but some can say that it had already been foreshadowed by the last season. Joy and Nolan’s Kilter Films did have to say this about the show not getting picked up for a final season:

Though the series did start out with a solid, contained story, future seasons of Westworld were rife with more existential themes and convoluted narratives. Though there are fans who find a lot of this storytelling enjoyable, I guess it wasn’t able to tickle the fancy of your general audience member. You think it’s because it didn’t have enough nudity to keep people satiated? House of the Dragon still managed to continue without any exposed breasts.

Personally, I have my fingers crossed that HBO greenlights a straight-to-streaming film like El Camino, but for now, I think we’ll just have freeze all motor functions.

Catch Westworld now available on HBO Max.


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