We’ll Be Seeing More of Martin Freeman in the MCU

We’ll Be Seeing More of Martin Freeman in the MCU

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We were introduced to Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross in Captain America: Civil War, and he took on a more substantial role in this year’s Black Panther. As it turns out, Freeman is signed up to do more Marvel films, and he’ll be coming back to appear in future MCU installments.

Talking to Den of Geek, Freeman explained:

“They introduced me in Civil War and said there would be a couple of other films, one of which was Black Panther.”

With the success of Black Panther on the premiere alone, Kevin Feige is said to have already been discussing a sequel with director Ryan Coogler. No doubt [SPOILER] with Freeman’s character becoming the US liaison to Wakanda [END SPOILER], he could be attached to the sequel.

Then again, with Ross being connected to the government, I can imagine that he could play a “Nick Fury-type” role and just appear in several other Marvel movies. I would love for Ross to try and explore the magic aspect of the MCU and have to partner up with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. It would be fun since, with Sherlock, Cumberbatch got to push Freeman around; no doubt that Strange will be doing the same thing to Ross—should the two characters meet.

Black Panther has been receiving such praise online and has come out to become one of the most successful Marvel movies ever released. We’ll just have to wait and see how it fairs against the release of Avengers: Infinity War come May.

Black Panther is now out in theaters.



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