WB Made Patty Jenkins Change the Original Ending of Wonder Woman

WB Made Patty Jenkins Change the Original Ending of Wonder Woman

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While the first Wonder Woman movie is great as a whole, a lot of criticism has fallen on the final act where Diana has a big CG-fight with Ares. What’s interesting is, what’s considered the worst part of that movie was actually Warner Bros’ idea.

Talking to IGN while promoting the sequel, director Patty Jenkins reveals:

“The original end of the first movie was also smaller, but the studio made me change it at the last minute. So that’s always been a little bit of a bummer that that’s the one thing people talk about, because I agreed… And I told the studio we didn’t have time to do it, but it was what it was. I ended up loving it, but that was not the original ending of the movie.”

My guess is that the movie would have just ended with Steve Trevor dying, but this being a blockbuster movie, I guess the studio would have really wanted some big setpiece. Too bad though, because that scene was considered to be one of the more generic parts of the film.

Either way, Jenkins says that she’s ultimately fine with the changes to her original film. She continues:

“This time around, I loved that it has both at the end. We had a visual effects [fight], a big battle which I just dug into and had such a blast executing, which I felt so satisfied with… But ultimately, the end of the movie is much more pared down, and that was really, really fun. No spoilers, there’s all kinds of stuff going on, but it was really fun to shape it differently.”

For now, Jenkins and the rest of the cast are busy promoting the release of Wonder Woman 1984, and the sequel comes out on HBO Max and theaters this Christmas Day, Dec. 25.


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