Watchmen Poster Spoiled the Finale the Entire Time

Watchmen Poster Spoiled the Finale the Entire Time

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HBO’s Watchmen had just aired their finale last Sunday, and unlike Game of Thrones, the show absolutely stuck the landing. We get the teaser that Angela Abar will inherit the powers of Dr. Manhattan, but fans had no idea this development was actually teased in the poster for the show that came out before the premiere.

Check it out:

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While we never really imagined that the two characters could be linked in the beginning, Angela here is actually covered in a light which makes her skin blue—just like Manhattan’s. Seeing that the revelation that she was connected to Manhattan kind of came out of nowhere, this tease was subtle enough not to give anything away.

For now, everyone is praising Watchmen for being one of the greatest shows to come out of 2019. The weird thing is, HBO is now left with a sort of impossible decision; do they renew the show for a second season, and ruin this tightly-wound narrative, or do they stick to calling Watchmen a limited series and drop something with huge franchise potential?

If anything, Damon Lindelof has one hell of a magic trick to pull if he decides to push forward for Season 2. Part of the charm of the show is it’s unexpected connection to the source material, and it looks like we’re out of loose ends. For now, it looks like Lindelof’s just going to rest on his laurels and wait until a story comes to him.

Catch Watchmen now on HBO.


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