WATCH: What’s Coming in the Weeks Ahead for House of the Dragon

WATCH: What’s Coming in the Weeks Ahead for House of the Dragon

It’s been years, but Team Black and Team Green are back in the second season of House of the Dragon. The trailers so far have all been pretty sparing when it comes to what we should expect, but with the first episode out, we now have a new preview for what to expect from the show in the coming weeks.

Check this trailer for House of the Dragon out:

Admittedly, nothing too significant has been changed with the status quo between the two sides of the Targaryens, but we do know that Rhaenyra now definitly knows that her son is dead, and now the Greens will have to retaliate as Daemon has ordered Aegon’s heir to be killed.

Fans have known that this show will ultimately lead to the Targaryen Civil War known as the “Dance of Dragons”, but for this first episode, it does look all all the pieces are still being set. We know all the major players from each house, and we’re also seeing how far they are in the effort to keep the throne.

Besides the Targaryens though, we are getting teases for other established houses in the world of Westeros. We just saw The Wall again and its state during this era of the timeline, and it’s also teased in the preview that we’re going to be seeing the Tullys (Caitlyn Stark’s original house) and the Tarlys (Sam Tarly’s ancient house).

All in all, it’s great to be back in Westeros, and we should expect some heart-clenching drama in the coming weeks. Oh yeah, maybe some dragons as well.

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