Season 2 for Delicious in Dungeon Officially Announced

Season 2 for Delicious in Dungeon Officially Announced

Delicious in Dungeon (or Dungeon Meshi) as the more hardcore fans like to call it, has been having a fantastic run on Netflix covering multiple arcs from the manga. The first season wasn’t able to cover everything though, but before fans could worry on whether they were getting a continuation, it’s been confirmed by Kadokawa that the second season of the show is already in the works.

Here’s the teaser:

It’s a good chunk of reused clips from the first season, but we do have some new visuals with the party officially going head-to-head with ‘The Lunatic Magician’ Thistle. Manga readers will also know all about the dragons that Thistle will be summoning to take on the entire party.

With the manga already finished, fans think the studio could be choosing to wrap up the entire adaptation with the second season. Though Thistle was a main antagonist for a huge chunk of the mange, the ‘real’ antagonist has yet to reveal itself in the series—but clues have already been left behind, and we should get to see it start interacting with Laios and his party in earlier episodes of the second season.

We also have a visual poster featuring Laios’ party:

Fingers crossed we actually get to have a big original animated movie with Delicious in Dungeon. Even Haikyu was able to get a theatrically released film.

You can check out the complete first season of Dungeon Meshi or Delicious in Dungeon now streaming on Netflix. No release date has been announced for the second season.


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