HBO’s Fantasmas Promises a Star-Studded Dreamscape from Julio Torres

HBO’s Fantasmas Promises a Star-Studded Dreamscape from Julio Torres

Saturday Night Live writer Julio Torres is known for his unique brand of comedy, and after teaming up with A24 for his movie Problemista, he’s now moved on with HBO for a series called Fantasmas which promises a star-studded cast.

Check out the first trailer:

According to US Magazine, Torres will play a fictional version of himself in the series, and we’ll follow him as he navigates an alternate reailty New York City in search of a lost earring in the shape of a golden oyster.

The series is said to run for six episodes, and each episode seems to be an odd anthology told in the style of Torres’ brand of comedy. Besides all the wacky visuals, you can see that the series has quite the star-studded cast which includes faces like Emma Stone, Paul Dano, Dylan O’Brien, Julia Fox, and Steve Buscemi.

Torres also had this to say (via EW) about the project:

“I really loved the idea of telling short stories and having a show of vignettes… I also felt like I’m not the kind of performer who was interested in doing me as various characters. I like to think of myself like a master of ceremonies.”

If you’re not too familiar with Torres’ style of comedy yet, you can check out some of the stand-up he does—if you can even call it stand-up. Here he is on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

Fantasmas premieres on Max on June 7.


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