Watch Behind-The-Scenes Look at A24’s Priscilla

Watch Behind-The-Scenes Look at A24’s Priscilla

Elvis Presley got the spotlight again with last year’s Elvis film from Baz Luhrmann, but A24 is going a different direction with the King’s story with their upcoming movie with Sofia Coppola—Priscilla.

The film is set to come to theaters this November, and we have a new behind-the-scenes look with Coppola and Priscilla Presley herself. Watch this:

When I read Priscilla’s memoir, I was just struck with what an unusual, wild her life has been,” says Coppola.

Though their romance was kind of watered down for the Elvis film, this movie is set to really embrace just how absurd the notion is of a 14-year-old Priscilla somehow finding herself as the would-be wife of one of the biggest icons of the US at the time—who was 24 when they met.

Butler’s Elvis may have been played in a more sympathetic light for his picture, but it’s very likely that this movie is going to have Elvis be more of a sinister presence in Priscilla’s story. I mean, why else would they cast Jacob Elordi, arguably the toxic boyfriend of the decade, to play the King of Rock and Roll?

With Coppola’s reputation as a filmmaker, a lot of fans are excited to see how she’s going to be presenting this story, what with her teaming up with A24. After the success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie earlier this year, 2023 is coming out great for feminist movie lovers.

Watch out for Priscilla when the film comes out on Nov. 3.


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