Watch Andy Serkis Bring Snoke to Life in Star Wars: The Last Jedi VFX Reel

Watch Andy Serkis Bring Snoke to Life in Star Wars: The Last Jedi VFX Reel

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Though a lot of people were disappointed to see Supreme Leader Snoke dispatched so easily in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there’s no doubt that it was great to watch him taunt Rey and Kylo Ren the way he did. ILM has just released their VFX Breakdown of Snoke’s scenes, and it shows Andy Serkis doing what he does best—motion capture.

What’s cool, though, is that in the scene where Snoke puts his hand on Rey, it’s an actual prop hand that’s holding her, and not VFX. You think they would stick to using CGI for all of Snoke, but it actually seems much simpler to just edit a part that’s separated from Rey.

I have to admit, Snoke looked a tad too CGI in The Force Awakens, but in The Last Jedi, he just had a different sense of realism. Maybe it’s the fact that we don’t see him as a hologram, but an actual flesh and blood creature.

Though I admittedly want to see more of Snoke, I’m incredibly satisfied with how he was taken care of in The Last Jedi. With him being the obvious parallel of the Emperor, his survival would have been far too predictable for anyone who was familiar with the franchise. I’m happy director Rian Johnson took the risk to bring us something different.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits digital March 13, and Blu-Ray on March 27.


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