Vision Quest will Allegedly Feature Vision’s Daughter Viv

Vision Quest will Allegedly Feature Vision’s Daughter Viv

We’ve met Wanda’s imaginary children in WandaVision, and with Vision (specifically White Vision) set to get his own series called Vision Quest, a rumor is going around that Vision will be developing children of his own.

As per @marvel_update3s, Vision Quest will be featuring the daughter of Vision, Vivian a.k.a. Viv. Here’s the post:

In the comics, Vivian Vision (along with an entire ‘Vision Family) was created by Vision in an attempt to humanize himself by creating a family. Viv’s mother, Virgina, is created after the brain patterns of Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch.

We don’t know how Vision will be creating his offspring in Vision Quest, but with Tony Stark gone, I do love the idea that he will be going to his original comic creator Hank Pym, who is very much alive and kicking in the form of Michael Douglas in the MCU. Who knows, maybe they can even find a way to bring back James Spader’s Ultron who feels like he just has so much more to offer the MCU after his one-off appearance.

While Vision creating his own children does sound like it’s just retreading a plot point from WandaVision, I think this series is already going to serve as some kind of sequel to the show. After all, we haven’t seen White Vision at all since the series finale.

No release date has been set for Vision Quest yet, but you can catch him and Wanda in the critically acclaimed WandaVision now streaming on Disney+.


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