Disney Announces Stan Lee Documentary on His 100th Birthday

Disney Announces Stan Lee Documentary on His 100th Birthday

December 28, 2022 would have been comic legend Stan Lee’s 100th birthday, and though he’s not here to celebrate, his fans are; and Disney has announced that they will be releasing a documentary focused on Lee next year.

Watch this:

We don’t have any official synopsis about the documentary, but it did come with the tagline, “100 years of dreaming. 100 years of creating. 100 years of Stan Lee.”

If we were just going to speculate, I think the documentary will essentially cover Stan Lee’s start in comics, and how he came to create several pop-culture icons from the Fantastic Four to Spider-Man. I imagine they’re going to have a wealth of archive footage, granted that Lee had several other appearances around the 80s and 90s promoting comic book culture and whatnot.

Though I expect Disney to cover all the nice things about Lee’s life, I do wonder if they’ll ever cover the elder abuse that he suffered around the time of his death. After Lee passed in 2018, several reports had come out of people connected to him having abused his position and celebrity—even his own daughter JC Lee.

With Disney being the brand that it is, I doubt they’ll want to get into the dark stuff about Lee’s life, but personally I would like to see a complete picture of a person, rather than the brightly smiling, pop-culture persona he’s built toward his final years.

No specific release date has been announced for the documentary yet, but you can watch Stan Lee on Disney+ sometime in 2023.


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