Possible New Details about the Avatar Series After The Legend of Korra

Possible New Details about the Avatar Series After The Legend of Korra

2025 will see the release of the new Avatar series that will focus on the Avatar after Korra, but so far, Avatar Studios is yet to give us some more details on the story. What’s cool is, a rumor is going around saying the series will now have a sort of Cyberpunk setting.

This comes from @MyTimeToShineH:

I guess the rumor does kind of track with what’s been reported before. With the assumption that the series takes place roughly 100 years after Korra’s time, we should be expecting a series that takes place around the present day—but when you throw bending in the mix, we can expect societies to evolve in a very different way.

Though bending is the big element of the universe that makes it unique, fans will also have to remember that Korra opened up the spirit world during her time, so we should expect a different kind of evolution for society moving forward.

Personally, I’m just excited to have a series that will push the story forward. Though I do love Aang and friends, I think they are leaning too heavily on him despite his arc being over. I would love to see more of Korra moving forward, but I’m also open to this new Avatar and waiting to see how their arc will be different.

The next Avatar series is expected to come out sometime in 2025.


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