VFX Artists Say Marvel is Allegedly Their Worst Client

VFX Artists Say Marvel is Allegedly Their Worst Client

Audiences may be enjoying the latest Marvel movie now, but a new thread has come out online, calling out the studio for its abusive practice when it comes to VFX workers.

The Gamer has pointed out a new thread on r/vfx that has been calling out Marvel for its terrible reputation as a VFX client, and hundreds of comments are being written about how the studio has been demanding impossible deadlines, overworking several artists.

Some have said that they’ve been working in the studio way back in 2012 and have been asking their employers not to put them in any Marvel projects. There are also some who have stories about working on the Marvel series and the recent Thor film. Mickeym00m00 writes:

“I request to not work on [Marvel] movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, they’re becoming our biggest client. They expect a smorgasbord of options so they can change their mind three more times.”

VFX artists have been the unsung hero of the big budget blockbusters, and there have been calls over the months for them to have better working conditions. Frankly, it’s kind of the same issue with animators and video game developers; where studios attempt to meet deadlines and it’s up for the animators and artists to crunch and work overtime to make it–most of the time without extra pay/compensation.

With a big studio like Marvel, you can almost expect these kinds of stories to come out. We don’t have an official statement from them yet, but I’m sure more people speaking out will grab their attention.

Marvel’s latest movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, is now in theaters.


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