Velma Spinoff Already Greenlit for Season 2?

Velma Spinoff Already Greenlit for Season 2?

Mindy Kaling’s Velma spinoff just premiered on HBO Max and it’s been getting… some reactions online. Though the internet’s consensus is that the series is divisive, it seems that HBO may think otherwise.

According to EIDR (a.k.a. the Entertainment Identifier Registry) via @RiseFallNickBck, a second season of Velma is said to be in development. Here’s the post:

This should come as huge news, especially since we just saw the cancellation of well-reviewed shows like Inside Job and Close Enough. The backlash for Velma is very apparent, so it’s kind of odd that it would already get a second season renewal with all these beloved animated shows getting canned.

If anything, the internet isn’t really a good reflection of the general audience. Maybe there are some fans out there who do love Mindy Kaling’s new take on the Scooby-Doo gang. If anything, it’s probably like Netflix’s Big Mouth; a lot of netizens seem to hate the show for being able to survive the axe for so long, but some say that it still does good numbers on the streaming platform (and honestly, the writing is pretty good if you can get past the purposefully ‘ugly’ character art).

We don’t know if Velma did get a second season, but for now, I think it’s best if we just wait out how the show will be received. It’s still in its first season, and I think it’s essential for every show to be able to ‘find its audience.’

Catch Velma now streaming on HBO Max.


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