[UPDATED] New Mandalorian 3 Poster Hypes Up Trailer Drop

[UPDATED] New Mandalorian 3 Poster Hypes Up Trailer Drop

[UPDATED] The new trailer has dropped, and The Mandalorian Season 3 premieres on March 1 on Disney+. Watch this:

The original article is as follows:

Fans are gearing up for the release of a new Mandalorian trailer during the NDL Wild Card game tonight, and to hype up the release, Lucasfilm has dropped a new poster featuring Din Djarin and the eternal baby Grogu.

Check this out:

The poster doesn’t really give anything away, but the last trailer has hinted that Din will now play a more active role in the reclaiming of Mandalore, and with the Darksaber in hand, it’s possible that he would end up ruling it.

Then again, the spirit of the show has always been more of a ‘new-adventure-every-week’ format, so I imagine that it will keep being that way with Din and Grogu travelling to different planets with all kinds of stories.

I have to say, The Mandalorian really timed their new trailer release with the premiere of The Last of Us starring Pedro Pascal. Though Pascal is now the face of video game daddy Joel, Lucasfilm is reminding us that he’s also a single space dad when it comes to his 50-year-old baby Grogu. I guess it’s pretty convenient when Pascal only has to physically show up two episodes a season, and the rest of the work is just voiceover.

You have to hand it to Jon Favreau and his team, they really found a way to make a Star Wars series without having to follow the schedule of the main actor, and allowing them to shoot multiple episodes at once.

Watch out for the new trailer for The Mandalorian 3 tonight. Hopefully by then we’ll also get a premiere date for Disney+.


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