Vader Hunting Obi-Wan in Kenobi Series

Vader Hunting Obi-Wan in Kenobi Series

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Out of all the upcoming Star Wars shows on Disney+, Kenobi is probably one of the most anticipated. Lucasfilm hasn’t given us any basic plot or synopsis yet, but word has just come out that the story will have something to do with Obi-Wan’s old apprentice.

As reported by Kessell Run Transmissions, the plot of the Kenobi series will apparently have Vader hunting down Obi-Wan. We know that after the events of Order 66, Vader goes out to search for any Jedi that have escaped, and it would make sense that Obi-Wan would be at the top of his hit list because old Ben was the reason Vader is mostly machine.

Admittedly KRT has run into some trouble with some faulty news recently (the Mandalorian 2 trailer didn’t debut during the NBA Playoffs like they said), so a lot of people are skeptical about this news, but the team is aware of their goof and is now sticking to just reporting stuff behind the scenes and not time-sensitive content like announcements or trailer drops since those are subject to change.

Going back to the Kenobi news though, I actually think that Vader’s involvement is a great idea. I didn’t really know what we would get out of an Obi-Wan series besides Kenobi just wandering around the desert fighting Sand People, but having Vader be a part of the show and be a main antagonist really raises the emotional stakes for both Obi-Wan and Vader. Also, since Rogue One, fans are still in need of more modern Vader at the height of his powers:

The Kenobi series is expected to hit Disney+ around 2022, so fans right now have their sights set on The Mandalorian Season 2 which allegedly debuts this October.


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