Twitter is Now Asking Disney to Reboot Percy Jackson

Twitter is Now Asking Disney to Reboot Percy Jackson

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Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson& The Olympians had every potential to be the next Harry Potter, but the movie franchise that was kicked off by Chris Colombus kind of crashed and burned when it came out in the early 2010s. With Disney taking over Fox though, Twitter is now asking the mouse house to reboot Percy Jackson, either as a movie or a Disney+ series.

The hashtag #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson has amassed more than 100k tweets, and all the fans are coming out to ask Disney to take another stab at bringing Percy Jackson and the kids at Camp Half-Blood back to the screen.10 Disney Adapt Percy Jackson Twitter is Now Asking Disney to Reboot Percy Jackson

When comparing the success of Percy Jackson to Harry Potter, I guess you can say that the Potter films were actually more faithful to the book compared to the Percy Jackson film. What’s more, the world-building of Percy Jackson can come off as quite lackluster, and it was more focused on giving us celebrity cameos rather than genuine thrills like the Potter films did.

It also kind of helps that Potter had an actual child as the lead. Percy Jackson has made the lead significantly older, probably in an attempt to interest teenagers to check out the franchise. But the thing is, the content is probably best catered to young children, and that’s why the film didn’t fly so well with the older fans.

We don’t know if Disney is going to seriously consider taking on Percy Jackson, but with the franchise potential, hopefully they’ll consider.

For now we don’t have any official update on what will happen with the Percy Jackson franchise.



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