Tom Hardy Deletes IG Post Teasing Spider-Man v Venom

Tom Hardy Deletes IG Post Teasing Spider-Man v Venom

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Though Peter Parker’s Venom cameo may have been scrapped, Sony is ready to connect Spider-Man to their Spider-Verse with the upcoming Morbius film. What’s interesting is, it looks like Spidey is also going to have some kind of connection to Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and Tom Hardy just deleted what could have been a teaser.

This was the post Hardy had put up on IG before he deleted it:

We don’t know if Hardy had supposedly made a mistake, or is trying to get us hyped on purpose, but I think a lot of fans are already sure that Sony is going to have Venom clash with Spider-Man no matter what.

We don’t really know what exactly what Sony has in mind, but I can imagine that some fans need certain things to happen should Sony finally have these nemeses clash with each other. First of all, the symbiote has to find its way to Peter and latch on to him for a while, giving us the infamous black suit Spider-Man. We have to see Peter lose himself to it, then get rid of it, and this will build up to a rivalry with Eddie Brock. Though I’m sure this one isn’t really a need, Venom should end up with his iconic white spider logo after the symbiote latches itself onto Peter.

With Venom 2 set to come out in June of next year, it’s release is pretty close to that of Spider-Man 3. We don’t know if Sony will eventually push the release date, but it could be fun to have Venom and Spider-Man clash in the box office at the same time as well.

Catch Venom: Let There Be Carnage in theaters June 25, 2021.


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