Tom Hanks Returns to US After Coronavirus Diagonisis

Tom Hanks Returns to US After Coronavirus Diagonisis

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Fans were distraught when earlier this month Tom Hanks had reported that he had tested positive for COVID-19, and though he and his wife Rita Wilson had been stuck in Australia, it looks like the couple have found their way home.

This is what Hanks posted up on Twitter:

`This must come as a huge relief to fans, especially since the actor is basically the internet’s favorite dad. With the virus said to be fatal for people over 60, there was a lot of concern for Hanks’ well-being. But then again, this is the same guy who survived being trapped in a deserted island for 3 years. There was no way he wasn’t going down without a fight.

Despite Hanks and Wilson seemingly having recovered from the virus, that doesn’t mean they don’t have to self-isolate as well.

Hanks is still going to practice social distancing and self-isolation.

I guess if anything, we should see Hanks’ condition is a way to get people to not panic so badly about the virus. I mean, we should all be careful not to contract it, but if you have, there’s still a chance that you can push through; just make sure you try your best not to infect others. We’re at the height of the outbreak right now, and we don’t know yet when things will come back to normal. Other countries like South Korea have been able to handle the virus pretty well, so hopefully other countries will manage to follow-suit.

Fingers crossed everything will be back to normal by June.


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